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Revolutionary New Insulation Product for Homes & Buildings! It will change the way you think about insulation...

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SuperTherm, the revolutionary ceramic liquid insulation marketed by Superior Products Coatings, Inc., is available exclusively retail wise in Home Depot stores.

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SuperTherm Review Sunshield Facts
When used as a white roof coating, SuperTherm, along with sister products SunShield and primer SuperBase, provides a superior insulation solution unmatched in the industry. SuperTherm is leading the green movement by turning black roofs into Insulated white roofs. SuperTherm is much more than just a reflective elastomeric white coating. Unlike other products, SuperTherm:

Blocks more than 95% of heat load
Reduces heating & cooling costs up to 70%
Reduces noise by blocking sound waves
Blocks water & moisture penetration
Prevents mold & mildew
Reduce air infiltration
0 smoke and flame spread Class A rating
20 year lifespan
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Architectural Review
Super Therm Florida Energy Specialists
Super Therm - Thermal barrier ceramic coating
Application for Super Therm Roofing
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More from Superior Products Coatings, Inc.:

SunShield, a high-performance green product, produces a tough, yet flexible coating. SunShield is best used as a one-coat insulation for roofs or exteriors as it blocks solar heat. SunShield’s uses extend beyond roofs. It can also be used as insulation for transportation vehicles, refrigerated containers, railroad cars. Sunshield resists dirt, mold, mildew and pollution.

SuperBase is a water-based acrylic coating that can be applied to dry surface as a base coat for SuperTherm and Sunshield. Superbase is not required for as a primer for interior ceilings and walls when used with Supertherm. It is used to seal tar roofs, asphalt shingles, rubber roofs, concrete, wood and other dry surfaces. SuperBase can also be used to seal seams and joints.

Certifications & Testing

Don't Be fooled by other imitation ceramic insulation products!

SuperTherm is the most environmentally safe insulation product on the market. SuperTherm has been extensively tested and certified by such prestigious organizations as the Energy Star Program, NASA, International Code Council, United States Department of Agriculture and many others. Read more…

CRRC approved to meet criteria

Energy Star

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Cradle to Cradle

International Code Chapter Council

United States Department of Agriculture - Home

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Factory Mutual